Friday, October 26, 2012

11 months.

Jackson is almost a year! How awesome. I know I always say it, but he just keeps getting more fun.
I don't have any new photos that aren't already on the blog. So, I thought  I'd use one from our "cooking" day :)

Some awesome things he is doing:

1. He eats mostly regular food, minus some pureed foods that he won't eat regularly. Like peas and green beans :)
2. He knows what it means to dance. Every time I ask him if he wants to dance he waves his arms frantically (his way of dancing) and then looks at the TV (we play Pandora through the TV).
3. He has started to climb. He tries to climb on top of the couch when we are sitting on it, on top of the turned over laundry basket or into his toy bin.
5. He can climb up stairs, but thinks he can just walk down them.
6. He loves to bounce balls.
7. He likes to put things into containers and then take them out again.
8. Peek-a-boo continues to be his favorite game. Now, he covers his own face with his hands or a blanket or sometimes even his shirt :)
9. He has started standing on his head and peeking through his legs. He thinks it's hilarious when I peek  back at him through his legs.
10. He LOVES cheese and yogurt. Just like his daddy.
11. He loves to be chased. It cracks him up. Which cracks me up :)
12. He has started to play more with his stuffed animals. He used to never reach for them in his toy basket, but now he pulls them out and brings them to me.
13. Whenever he wakes up from his nap he starts to play with his blanket and teddy bear. When I come in he stands up and hands me one of them very enthusiastically. I love it.
14. He stills loves to put things on his head.
15. He points at things. When I'm reading books to him, he'll point at different things on the pages and make his "excited" noise. He also points at other things he wants me to see (mostly food and the fan).
16.  He is a huge fan of pots and pans. He loves to play with them while we are in the kitchen.
17. He likes to play with other kids. Just recently he has started hugging other kids. It is absolutely adorable.

We love our little man so stinkin' much.

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