Saturday, October 20, 2012

Being a mom rocks.

What the heck did I do all day before Jackson got here? Life has gotten infinitely more interesting/fulfilling/crazy/exhausting/happy with the little man around. It is seriously so much fun. Making the shift from working and diving and going to school to stay-at-home mom wasn't all cake and   I am still adjusting. BUT. I could not trade my awesome play time with Jackson. We have so much fun together. What a fabulous little blessing he is :)

We have some crazy fun together.

1. Like making faces at each other through windows.

Getting excited to see his Aunt Leah!
 2. Eat delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

3. Sit on top of cars :)

4. Cook with mom

5. Play outside :)

I love that we can play all day together. It's pretty much the best :)

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  1. Dear Em,

    You rock my socks. This post is exactly what I needed to read. Mark and I are thinking about starting our little family and I have really been struggling with letting go of my career and other things that won't be as easy to have with a little one around. :) Thanks for sharing your experience! Love and miss you and Chuck!


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