Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Family, food and parties. Does life get any better?

On Wednesday evening, Chuck and I had a fun time reminiscing about the Wednesday before Thanksgiving last year. Finding out we were having a baby that day, heading to the hospital, freaking out a little, and welcoming our bundle of joy into the world. My, how time truly does fly.

We were able to spend most of Thursday at Mom and Dad Krebs! My mom got into to town the previous evening so we all headed over around 1pm. Let me tell you, Mom Krebs sure knows how to put together a fabulous Thanksgiving. We had delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, stuffing, green bean casserole, fruit salad and more! Before we all passed out in food comas we decided to head over to Veteran's Park elementary school to play on their playground-it was a gorgeous day! Jack had loads of fun playing in the wood chips, sliding down the side and swinging with Dad. Although, Dad and his brothers may have had more fun seeing how far they could jump off the swings. It was a toss up. Afterwards we headed home with our little tired man. My mom's sister, Marchee got into town that night, so we stayed up and partied with her :)

On Friday, Chuck and I hosted our very first Thanksgiving dinner for a few members of my family. It was so nice to have everyone together in our home. I love having a place for friends and family to gather. We cooked up a delicious turkey breast, green bean casserole and some bread! We also had honey ham and sweet potato suffle and Sarah's deviled eggs - delicious. And of course, pumpkin cake for dessert :) Sarah was awesome and snapped a few family photos for us after we gorged ourselves. She gave these to me unedited (which I doctored a little bit in my elementary iphoto program...did I mention that photoshop would be awesome to own?) so I could use them quick for Christmas cards. So nice!

On Friday we had yet ANOTHER thanksgiving meal with Dad and Kathy and a few members of her family. It was a wonderful meal and a great time! We also discovered that Jackson has a great love of egg nog. Grandpa Woods put some in his sippy cup and he just laid in Dad's lap chugging it until it was gone. Literally. The sippy cup did not leave his mouth until he had drained every last bit. What a funny little man :)

It was a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! And I officially wish you all a Merry Christmas season!

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