Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving Decor.

Thanksgiving could quite possibly be my favorite holiday. Although, Christmas is absolutely fabulous. I can never decide between the two. I guess I could have two favorites. (cue Brian Regan quote).

So, logically, I am loving the Thanksgiving decorations! If I could, I would overflow our house with leaves and pumpkins and burlap. But alas, a student budget leaves me to a few choice decorations and a lot of handmade love :)

Our Thanksgiving Mantle:

Those silver cups are from my Dad's law firm. The glass jug is an old liquor bottle from my sister and filled with a random mixture of liquid to get the look of apple cider :)

  I'm in love with our wood gate. I found this tutorial via pinterest and went from there. With all my pallet wood, I was able to throw this thing together in one night. Awesome. Oh yeah and it's FREE.

I made the wreath out of foam tubing from lowe's (which makes two wreaths for 98 cents!), some moss from michael's ($4 with a coupon) and some fun ribbon.

Doesn't burlap make everything better? P.s. I found that lovely candle holder at the Restore for $1. Yay :)

 The banner is made out of canvas and burlap. I painted the letters freehand with some black acrylic paint. Everything is hot glued together. No sewing machine = loads and loads of hot glue.

 Our Grateful Tree:

I saw this idea on pinterest and decided to do it. We had a Thanksgiving jar last year, which I loved, but I liked the visual display of the tree better. I love it.

 I printed out some of our photos from Boyd orchards and threw them up on the window. Who doesn't love a cute baby? We do :)

Thank goodness for free printables! This is hanging in our entry way.

Happy Thanksgiving. May our days be filled with gratitude for the blessings in our lives and love for the people with whom we share them.

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  1. Looks amazing Em!!! I love it all! Burlap is wonderful...something I never knew! I wish I could see it in person!


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