Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I forgot to post about our Halloween adventures! Unfortunately, Jack came down with a virus and an ear infection on the 31st, so we weren't able to "trick-or-treat" to family. Luckily, we had some fun Halloween festivities the weekend before Halloween. We went to two different "Trunk or Treat" activities with our church (The Krebs family's ward and our ward). It was frigid outside (at least for October in Kentucky), but Jackson still had a blast!

Since it was so cold, instead of walking around from trunk to trunk to trick-or-treat, lots of the kids went in the gym to play. Jackson ran around grabbing other kid's candy buckets and pulling out their candy. It was hilarious. He also walked up to another woman who happened to be wearing brown boots (like mine) and looked up at her to pick him up. Then he looked thoroughly confused and backed away. It was really cute :)

Lightning McQueen, Witch, and Elephant :)

"Hm...this one looks like a keeper."

Don't worry, that's not his candy bucket.

Also not his candy bucket. Steal and run!

Not too happy about taking photos...I was a lion and Chuck was a pig :)

On Monday, we went to the Marcums house for a fabulous Murder Mystery party! We had a blast getting into "character" and playing with family! Jackson was a champ for going to sleep and then transferring to the car so easily! Makes for a happy mom. Unfortunately, I didn't get ANY photos. Lame.

Our little sickie : / He NEVER cuddles like this.

I've decided that Halloween isn't so bad. Especially when cute little elephants are involved :)

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