Monday, April 9, 2012

March is my favorite time of year.

We are a born and raised, rain or snow, bleed blue UK Wildcat family. So, logically, March Madness is some of the best entertainment of the year. Especially when the UK Wildcats become 8-time National Champions!! Welcome to a year of bragging rights.

Jackson has cheered for a lot of different teams this season...

like BYU (our Alma Mater)
and Michigan State!
 But, Jack knows where the money's at.

 We are so proud of our Wildcats and loved ringing in the championship with lots of friends from Kentucky and those we have convinced of their greatness over the years :) We all got together in the Kimball tower on Campus and watched the game on the projector while eating pizza, chips and cookies!

The audience...

Dan and Renetta Birdsall. so cute!

Kyle and Lauren Richardson! Lauren has converted Kyle to a UK fan :)

Some of the born and raised, die-hard UK fans :)

Jack really enjoyed the game...

so much that he fell asleep for the last five minutes :)
Needless to say, this little tyke, although he was born in Utah, has been and will always be a UK Wildcat fan at heart. GO CATS!

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  1. Go Wildcats!!! I like that Jackson doesn't have a choice in the matter. He will be a Wildcat fan.


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