Monday, April 30, 2012

5 months.

Momma and Jack
It is update time. Amid Chuck's graduation, saying goodbye to our Utah friends and the beautiful mountains, visiting Zion's National Park, moving back to UK basketball country and visiting Momma Woods and Sarah and Perryn in South Carolina, Jackson hit the 5 month mark. The difference between 5 weeks and 5 months is phenomenal. In 5 short months he has learned how to smile and laugh, roll over, stand up, almost sit on his own, coo and gurgle, blow bubbles and definitely spit up :)

The turtle look: Checkin' out his hanging chimes.
Some cool new things that Jack is doing:

1. He can flip from his back to his tummy within seconds. He loves his new trick but gets frustrated that he can't turn back.
2. He first learned how to turn over from his tummy to his back, but now he only turns from his back to his stomach.
3. He sure does love to chat it up with anyone and everyone.
4. He is super friendly. On his flights back to Kentucky he grinned at everyone that would talk to him.
5. He likes to sleep on his tummy now. We put him down on his back and he flips himself over on his tummy and scoots his head into the corner of the crib and sticks his bum up in the air. Logically.
6. He is eating baby food at least twice a day now! He wasn't loving it about a month ago, but Grandma Woods got him some bananas and BOY did he go to town.
7. He has decided that sleeping through the night is for sissies. He likes to wake up at least once to eat now. Luckily he tends to sleep for ten hours with that one feeding in between.
8. He has an adorable concentration face. When he is trying to reach for a toy that is just out of his reach, he puckers his lips and furrows his brows and focuses for several minutes, usually until he gets the toy.
9. He loves to play with his toys.
10. He is a normally a pretty content and happy little guy.
11. He LOVES to drink out of big people cups. Grandpa Krebs let him try some of his water from a cup and he fell in love. He loves it when we let him chew on our cups, especially when we let him hold the cup all on his own :)
12. He has more hair now! Okay, barely, but at least it's coming in.
13. He doesn't quite sit up on his own yet, but he can do it almost by himself.
14. He has figured out that if he pushes his hips out it's harder for us to strap him into the carseat.
15. He likes to chew on wood. Chairs. Coffee table. Church pew. And if wood isn't available: burp rags, fingers, toes, toys, cups, our faces, other people's faces, anything.
16. Drool. Enough said.
17. He likes to practice his planks when we change his diaper. So when we pull up his feet to wipe his bum, he flips over.
18. His crying has been compared to: a baby cougar (Aunt Tammy) and the screeching eels from The Princess Bride (Grandma Krebs).
19. He is pretty resilient. He has fallen off the couch, rolled off the ottoman, bonked his head on the coffee table, woken up with strange indentions on his head from his nap and now has a fungus infection on his back. Poor little guy.
20. He is quite a curious fellow. He loves to look around and explore.

Dad and Jackson at Zion's National Park
He has made our lives so happy. We don't know what we did without this little guy around!

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