Monday, May 7, 2012

The Graduate.

Okay, so he's no Dustin Hoffman, but...

He did it! Chuck graduated from BYU with a Bachelor's in Public Relations and minors in International Development and Music. 
Loving the tassle.

so proud of his papa.
Mom and Dad Krebs as well as the new driver, little Glen, made the trek across the country to celebrate! Oh, and to help us move. The Adams came up too! We felt so special that they took the time to celebrate with us, and even more grateful that they helped us pack up our little apartment and head back to the homeland. How hard is it to pack up 300 sq. ft., really? Apparently we had accumulated MUCH more than I thought we had over the two years. Thank goodness family was there too help!


He done did it.

Grandpa worked his magic skills and got Jack to sleep during convocation.

Dance party in the hotel room!

Our last few days in Provo were fast, but unforgettable. We will miss the beautiful mountains and our wonderful friends. Thanks for a great six years, Provo!

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