Thursday, May 31, 2012

6 months.

Jackson is officially half way to one year. My, my how time flies! When Jackson was just a newborn I remember seeing older babies and thinking, "Man, they are not nearly as cute as little newborns!" And now I can't imagine how I thought that! Jackson is so much more fun, expressive, active and talkative. I do miss all the cuddling and snuggling, but it's worth the smiles, laughs and curiosity.

His new stats:

Weight: 14 lbs. 9 oz. (5th percentile) He's such a little tyke.
Length: 25.75 in. (20th percentile)
Weight and Length percentile: 10th

Some cool things that Jackson is doing these days...

1. He's into a great routine! He takes 3 naps relatively consistently. Two great morning and early afternoon naps that are usually 2 hours and then an early evening nap that is usually about an hour. He sleeps ten hours almost every night. Makes momma and Jack happy :)
2. He is sitting up like an all-star.
3. He is really close to crawling. He will get up onto all fours and he can scoot himself backwards. He can get to anything he wants to, but it just takes him a while.
4. Making noise with his toys is his new favorite thing. He will bang his toys on the table or ground. In fact, the other day he wacked Grandma Woods in the face with a spoon that he was banging on the table!
5. People are still his favorite thing to watch.
6. He LOVES his food. Any fruit he loves. Vegetables are another story. So far we've got him to tolerate sweet potatoes and squash. Still working on anything green :)
7. He likes to grab the spoon and do it himself sometimes.
8. Walking around or being outside are some of his favorite things.
9. We went swimming a few days ago and he was so fascinated by the water.
10. He loves to flip onto his tummy while we are changing his diaper...sometimes if he has a toy, he does better :)
11. He is a grabber. I have to be careful when I'm shopping because he's been known to grab things!
12. He's still ticklish...and I love it :)
13. He really is so happy. He laughs and smiles at everyone and loves to play.

These photos are from our first "official" photo shoot with Jackson. I'm so grateful we did it because I love them!

I love our little guy and the joy that he brings to us. Being a mom has opened my eyes and my heart to the love that Heavenly Father has for his children. I love it!


  1. GOSH HE IS SO CUTE!!!!! Miss you guys!

  2. What a cute family! Love the pictures, especially him in the really looks like he was surprised!


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