Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Four months!

Jackson was four months officially on Saturday, March 24th :) Here's the new stats:

13 lbs. 9 oz. (14th percentile - just a little fella!)
24.9 in. (39th percentile)
16.5 in head circumference (79th percentile)

The nurse practitioner wanted to double check the head circumference that the original nurse took because his head was continually jumping up and up (from 7th percentile at birth to 40th to 68th and now to 79th). She asked if big heads ran in the family (I wanted to ask if she meant literally of figuratively, but I restrained myself). After talking to my mom, apparently they do. My head was always off the charts - due to all my brains, of course ;) See any similarities?
I've got Daddy's cheeks, face shape and mouth.

Mommy. Definitely a big head.
I've got Mommy's nose, ears and eyes. Oh, and the big head thing.

 Some cool new things that Jackson is doing these days:

1. Reaching out to touch things or to grab them and put them in his mouth.
2. He loves his toys, especially the giraffe and bear animals that Grandma Krebs gave him.
3. He can roll onto his side, but not all the way onto his tummy. I secretly think it's because he hates being on his tummy.
4. He tolerates tummy time more and more now that he can push up on his elbows and check things out.
5. He has discovered his toes! And loves to chew on them, especially during diaper changing time.
6. Music and the outdoors calm him down pretty quickly.
7. Still loving bath time. He can squirm much more now and grabs anything he can reach - our tooth brushes, the faucet, his toes :)
8. He tolerates getting dressed more now too.
9. He's ticklish :) (see laughing video)
10. He can turn himself around in his crib. It's small enough that if he turns on his side and kicks the side of the crib he can spin himself.
11. He tried his first food yesterday! Rice cereal.
12. He does not like to be in his crib when he's awake unless you stay there and make faces at him.
13. He smiles and giggles a lot.
14. He STARES down all of the food we eat, like the pizza we had last night :)
15. He likes to fall asleep on our shoulders (our new favorite), since he used to hate facing us when we held him.
16. He is getting really close to sitting. He will lean forward and then get stuck there or will fall forward onto his tummy.
17. He still gets the hiccups regularly.
18. He has officially graduated into his 3-6 months clothes!
19. He loves to watch his CATS play! (Okay, or any TV, but still).

Loving those toes!

Melts my heart every time.

Our man of many faces :)

So gosh darn cute :)
Ready to eat his first solid food!

Give me some more of that!

Zonked :)

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