Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rock star.

Ever since Jackson started voicing his disdain for his car seat, I have avoided going out anywhere that's too far away or keeping him in his car seat for too long. Needless to say, that makes grocery shopping one of my least favorite weekly errands. Not only are we in a public place for a considerable amount of time, but I usually keep him in his car seat too. Double whammy.


Yesterday, Jackson was an all-star. I strapped him in right after he ate and we headed out for a long string of errands that I hoped to get in. First I went to the bank, because he was being such a quiet little guy in the back seat. Deposit money? Check. Then we headed to buy-low for their amazing deals on meat and produce. He just played with his teething toy and looked at all the colorful produce. Grocery stop #1? Check. Then we headed to the gas station to fill up. On the way he was starting to fuss a little so I figured we would just go back home. Pulled into the gas station and he was asleep. (Gas station is approximately 5 min. from buy-low). Full tank? Check. So, I figure since he is asleep I might as well make my run to Smith's grocery too. Slept like an angel the whole time. Grocery stop #2? Check. Finally we headed back home and he woke up as soon as we pulled in. But the little guy just chilled in his carseat while I: hauled all the groceries inside. Dropped the milk carton. Cleaned up the spilled milk. Put the groceries away. Washed my dirty "I just went shopping for two hours" hands.


So proud of our little man and how happy he is.

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