Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 whole months.

I can't believe it. Jackson is 3 months old as of yesterday, February 24, 2011. Where has the time gone?
I just thought all of these were too cute.

He sure does love his daddy.
Some awesome things that Jackson is doing these days:

1. He grins and giggles when we smile at him.
2. When he wakes up in the morning he gets SO happy to see us - melts my little heart.
3. He has started to grab at things, like the books we read him, his burp rag, mom's shirt, mom's hair...
4. He has started to dislike his nursing cover...uh oh.
5. Still not a fan of tummy time, but at least he appeases me for four or five minutes at a time.
6. Weighs almost thirteen pounds :)
7. Has officially graduated to three month clothes.
8. When he is sleepy he rubs his eyes.
9. He LOVES Dad - always smiles and giggles at him when he comes home.
10. He really looks at the books that we read him.
11. Whenever we stand in front of the mirror his eyes get really big and then he grins at himself.
12. He doesn't love car rides so much anymore.
13. His favorite book is "On the Farm." Probably because we get to make all the farm animal noises :)
14. He can interact with family on skype now.
15. He intentionally holds our hands - at least I like to think it's intentional :)
16. He can stand up mostly on his own - we hold his hands or he hangs on to my shirt.
17. His favorite way to be held is facing out - he loves to look at the world.

He is so much fun. I love that he can interact with us more now. I feel like we are able to understand better how he is feeling and guess at what he thinks :)

This past week on President's day we had a reunion with our HELP volunteers (so much fun - will post later about it). On Sunday we were at a volunteer's house for dinner and Jackson was really fussy and coughing. He is usually a little fussy in big crowds (like his momma), but after we got home he threw up everything in his stomach and then hardly slept that night - he was inconsolably crying. So, in the morning, we took him to the doctor and he has Bronchilitis (RSV) and an ear infection : ( Poor little guy has been pretty sick with a cough, a little fever, and a stuffy nose. He's been a trooper though. Sick babies are such a sad sight : ( Breaks my heart. He is almost better though.

"What in the world?"
He is such a miracle - we love him so much.

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