Friday, February 17, 2012


We are starting to realize that Chuck's graduation is a mere two months away. We are unsure of where our path may lead, except that it will probably lead us out of Utah. While we are excited for the new changes that are headed our way, we will miss all the wonderful friends that we've made out here. Who are these awesome friends, might you ask?
David and Nicole Ellis. They are some pretty awesome people. So awesome, in fact, that we spend entire weekends together.

Thursday, Feb. 2:

We invited David and Nicole over to watch the BYU vs. Gonzaga game on our BIG screen TV (okay, it's 32 in., but it's HUGE in our apartment). BYU ended up winning, woo hoo!!

Friday, Feb. 3:

Utah Gymnastics (#1 in the nation) faced off against Georgia (ranked #4) at the Huntsman Center in SLC on Friday night. I LOVE watching Gymnastics and talked Chuck into coming, and of course, Nicole and David.
This place was packed. They sure do love their gymnastics at the U of U.
It was FREEZING, so Jackson was all bundled up.
On the TRAX back from the meet.
Nicole and David with Jackson :)
Utah ended up winning, but it was a close meet. We had so much fun!

Saturday, Feb. 4:

Originally we had planned to have dinner at Nicole and David's with Austin and Camilla Boles, but the Boles had to cancel, so it was just the four of us. Nicole made some AWESOME lime chicken and sweet potato fries and we devoured cinnamon pull-aparts for dessert. We wrapped up the evening watching Moneyball. A pretty awesome night if you ask me :)

Sunday, Feb 5:

The Morins (Nicole's parents) have an open-door policy on Sundays for their children. Seeing as they sort of adopted me into their family, Chuck and I are privileged to be added to that policy list :) We made it (albeit a little late) to Sunday dinner and got to hang out with the Morin family, who we love.

So, we love Nicole and David. And all our Utah friends. Lots.

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