Sunday, December 4, 2011

Savior of the World

So, before you get another post with new pictures of our son I have to post about a great production I was able to be a part of this weekend, "Savior of the World." Our stake did the first act that is about an hour and is all about the events leading up to the Savior's birth. It was an incredibly enriching opportunity that allowed me to reflect on the Savior, his birth, his life and his ministry. I was blessed to play the part of Joseph, Christ's earthly father, and I learned so many great lessons about being a real father. I am so grateful that I was able to share this experience and make some great new friends :) Please bear with all the pictures.
Getting the beard ready - thanks Keenan... 
My 'Uncle' in the show - Keenan Fessler as "Micham"

District meetings before the performances!

Mary's and their mother getting notes from Skye Cummins (director)

one of the two cutest kids of the show... my gosh.

the set. 

Lyon and Lara Owens (she was my Mary)

with my counterpart (the other Joseph - Drew Graham)

the finished product - like uncle, like nephew...

Mary and Joseph :) 

Wedding rehearsal - canopy boys!

The wedding - wrapping a piece of cloth :) 

Mary REALLY wants to relocate... "Please, let me come."

Angels appear to the shepherds...
Shepherds... so cool.

other cutest kid - Cale Fessler

The Cummins family - our directors! 
Joseph runs into the shepherds... 

Mary and Joseph sing their duet. 
The whole cast! 
These are some of the booths we had set up. 
This sketch of the Savior by a friend... the other Joseph
Some great Nativities...
The last scene, Mary and Joseph with the baby - please excuse the camera quality.

Sorry, those pictures came in no particular order. It was an incredible experience to be able to portray this part of the Savior's life - and it was fun to be back on stage again. I'm grateful for my Savior and for the reason that is truly behind the season.

Merry Christmas :)

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