Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas at the Krebs :)

There are pictures of Jack at the end... scroll down now if that's why you're here :)

Christmas is easily my favorite time of the year - I think for Emily it would be any time spent at the beach - but for me it is Christmas time. Christmas means family, great music, happy memories and the opportunity to make new memories. Most importantly Christmas gives us the chance to hear from the prophet in the annual First Presidency Christmas Devotional (which has great music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and allows us to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. You've already seen a little about how I participated in Savior of the World this year, that allowed me to get into the Christmas spirit earlier than usual. 


We've been decorating around the house with gifts, crafts and new purchases. Here's what Christmas looks like around the Krebs house - along with a lot of singing, cookies, changing diapers and happiness! 

We got our first family nativity at the BYU Bookstore for 40% off

Emily made this sign for a relief society activity - so creative. 

Our lovely 6 ft. tree donated from the Thatchers! Thanks...

Wall sticker from last year.

Our annual genuine wreath sent with love from Aunt Karen in Michigan :) 

Our first family ornament courtesy of Grandma Krebs :)

Great UK gnome from Leah - circa 2010 Christmas

also from Leah... can't forget our heritage! Go CATS.

:) C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!!

Hey, even got some presents!

Although we will be traveling to Kentucky and South Carolina for Christmas this year, the highlight of this years celebrations will be the arrival of our son, Jackson :) There is really no present that can top this little guy - just look at him (no, not even an ipad, imac or a smart TV). This is a photo shoot with Dad (on Dec. 9th) after we got him ready for his first trip out of the house (not for the Dr.) to go to campus and buy our 2011 Nativity...

Thanks for the cute booties nicole :) he loves them... 
We wish you all a very merry Christmas :) 


We'd love to hear from you all!