Monday, August 6, 2012

New York Adventures.

On July 15th, Chuck, Jack, lil' Glen and I all headed up to Palmyra, New York. Chuck's family has participated in the Hill Cumorah Pageant for as long as I've known them. For the past 6 years, Mom and Dad Krebs have been the "Work Crew" Leaders (the group of boys that set up and take down the stage as well as run the lights and special effects during the show). The Hill Cumorah Pageant is a spectacular show that tells the story of the Book of Mormon, the history of the people living in the Americas and how Christ visited them. The Pageant holds a special place in our hearts. So, we made the 10 hour trek to Palmyra, NY where the church was started to experience the Pageant as audience members (a first for some of the Krebs family!) and to explore different church sites.

We decided to drive through the night because then we wouldn't have to stop to feed the little guy AND we would get more time in New York. It actually went pretty well. Jack did wake up at 3am to eat and took a little while to go back to sleep (poor Chuck hadn't slept yet and was trying to calm the poor tyke down for what seemed like eternity). But by 4:15am, the whole car was sleeping again while I took my shift at the wheel. Needless to say, Sunday we were all a little groggy. 

Jack meeting Bro. Jurgens (a longtime Pageant friend)
Hanging out in Zion's camp visiting friends
Awesome things we got to do:
1. Hang out with Pageant friends in Zion's camp
2. Go tubing on Seneca Lake
3. Play in Seneca Lake and go boating
4. Slip n' Slide!
5. Go to the Palmyra temple (Thanks Mom for watching Jack so we could go!)
6. Visit the Sacred Grove where Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ
7. Eat Chill n' grill ice cream
8. Have awesome devotionals
9. See the Pageant
10. Walk around the Hill Cumorah
11. Go to the Wind Tunnel (where Work Crew camps out for the month of July)
12. Hike at Watkins Glen
13. Eat awesome food all the time!
14. Play with awesome friends!
Jackson must have been tired because he just chilled in the grass like this...

for quite some time.

Already a ladies man.

A typical Krebs boy :)

Meeting Britta!

The view of the stage and chairs from the top of Hill Cumorah

The Krebs family!

The Tanners put together a slip and slide for all the kids and it was a blast!

Jack wasn't totally sure about it...

Dev and Chuck racing :)

The little boys were in heaven!

Just sitting on the couch with Mom and Robli :)

This little guy fell asleep like this during devotional!

and so did he!

The Bells. We sure do miss these guys.

"I love my stroller!"

"I love to go hiking!"

"And I love to eat the cup holder!"

The hiking crew

My cute boys :)

This place was absolutely stunning.

Three generations of Krebs boys :)

He was LOVIN' it

Mom and Dad Krebs took Jack and let us go on another short hike.

The stairs of death. Which we tried to race up. I was fourth. Out of four people.

The Pageant! 

The Dye family

The Tribadeau family
We had such a blast! Thanks to everyone who made this trip so fantastic. We love the Hill Cumorah and the happy memories that we've made there.


  1. What? How do you guys know the Bells?

    1. Devin and Chuck met at Pageant years ago and were on Work Crew together. How do you guys know them?


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