Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer time :)

So, summer school is taking over our lives.  Which is precisely the reason there has been zero posts in the last month.  But...let's recap (while I'm supposed to be doing Shakespeare homework...whoopsie daisies :) )

1. June 21st: We moved into our adorable closet in the basement of a house.
2. June 21st-July: We made about a gazillion trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to return, shop ,buy.
3. June 30th: Ended up with a beautiful dining room set (that fits into our apartment surprisingly) a loveseat from ksl that fits perfectly and a free TV from our awesome cousins, Jon and Tina!
4. July 2nd: Em got a job! Woo Hoo!!
5. July 2nd: Went camping on the fourth of July with Dev and Robli :)
6. July 3rd: Went to Logan to play with Matt and Corinda and Corinda's all too hospitable family.
7. July 5th: Sliced my finger open on our day off of school with our brand new and obviously sharp knives :)
8. July 5th: Stiches...obviously.
9. July 5th: Played on Payson lakes with our "pseudo family," the Morins.
10. ALWAYS: Loving life and being together :)

Okay, back to homework...arg.

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