Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camping, Logan, Stitches and more! (July 2 - July 5)

We apologize for the ginormous blog update.

Alright, Em and I are loving this whole blog thing. I expect the more we write and update the more of a "voice" we'll develop, here goes.

So we are a little bit behind in documenting our adventures since we got married so we are going to start with the most recent and work our way backwards until we get to the wedding and honeymoon. By the time we catch up we think we'll have the picture loading thing all sorted out.

We started the long weekend of July 4th by testing out our new camping gear that my siblings got us for the wedding! Thanks guys! Here's the tent that fits two queen sized air mattresses...

We went to Hope campground up close to squaw peak - right after paying for the camping spot the guy that lives upstairs told me that there's a free spot just right past Hope campground that has a great view - Hope does NOT have a great view, oh well, we learn by experience right? We went with our good friends Devin and Robli Bell who got married the Friday after us who were also trying out their new camping gear - good thing too because we forgot our lantern and matches and they didn't :).

We had tin foil dinners and they were amazing! Way to go Em.

Devin loves big fires, can you tell?

He also loves to serenade his wife away with the best of Jack Johnson.

Upon returning home from the campout Saturday morning my brother Matt arrived in Utah with his wife Corinda and their two kids Aliya and new baby Joseph. Naturally, Emily and I had to go see them - so we did (with a little help in the gas money department ;) ).

We ended up crashing a family reunion and sleeping on a blowup bed in their living room thanks to the hospitality of Corinda's mom. They were so great to us and the grandparents treated us just like family. It was so good to see the MCKrebs family :).

On the way home we stopped by to see the Logan temple which is where Matt and Corinda were married and which Em had never seen. We also got to say hi to my cousin Andy Adams who just recently got engaged - sorry, we forgot to get a picture of them. I'll try to track one down.

But, the fun was just beginning. After listening to the "Twelfth Night" by Shakespeare on the way home we awoke late monday morning (there was no school) to sirens going crazy for the stinkin' Provo parade that takes place half a block east of our apartment! Little did we know we'd need sirens of our own when not 5 minutes into the morning, while my wife was cutting tomatoes for our day trip to the Payson lakes, she sliced open her finger with our brand new and very sharp knife set! So we ran up to the BYU Urgent Care Center (we had just gotten medical insurance through BYU the week before - thank goodness!) and it was closed. So, we made our way to another urgent care center that accepted our insurance - and they didn't open until 10 AM (it was about 9:45), some urgent care center that was. Finally we got in. This is Em getting ready to be sewn up.

They ended up putting 6 stitches in - she'll get them out tomorrow.

And just to prove how tough she was we still went out to the lake with our pseudo family, the Morin's,  to canoe and kayak.

These are our bestest friends the Nicole and David Ellis (Nicole's family, the Morin's, were the proud sponsors of our trip to the lake). The Krebs' and the Ellis' hang out QUITE a bit :). 

Em was under strict instructions to not get her hand wet for 24 hours, so she put a plastic bag on it with some tape and went canoeing (sp?) anyway... that's my girl!


  1. WOW!! Fun trip and fun pictures. I got stitches in my pinky right before a water skiing trip in High School. Tried the plastic bag thing, but was skiing and well.... kinda ripped my stitches right out. Don't really have feeling in the top of my pinky anymore. Oh well. The skiing was fun. :) Keep the blog updates coming! We LOVE 'em! And you know you can turn all your blog posts into books, right?

  2. Seems like just yesterday that we were in your same situation. Live it up while you can :) Although kids are fun too... . It's fun to see what ya'll have been up to.


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