Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Festivities!

I know this is silly, but I'm so far behind on my posts, that I'm just putting all my fall photos into one! So, bear with me, as there are a lot of photos to follow!

Random laundry day that included lots of smiling and silly faces:

Playdough fun!

My first craft fair with Boone Creek Loft!

Rainy Saturday morning = fort building and playing in puddles!

Learning the art of the "selfie."

"Studying" with Dad :)

Sleeping children are so sweet.

Jacob Marcum's AWESOME Harry Potter birthday party!

In October, Tammy and her kiddos and Laura and Spencer came out to visit us in KY! We had such a blast with them and are so grateful that they made the trip! We did lots of awesome things, like: Evan's Orchard, Keeneland, the Children's garden at the Arboretum, the KY horse park and playing at Grandma and Grandpa's!

Evan's Orchard fun. It was such a blast! Inexpensive and Jackson could have played all day long.

He loved this "corn pit" and so much cleaner than sand!

Duck racing was Jack's favorite!

Passed out in the first 30 seconds in the car
Keeneland! We got there at 3pm for the last two races, didn't have to fight crowds or tired babies, didn't have to pay and got first row seats. This is the only way I am doing family Keeneland days from now on.

The Children's garden at the Arboretum. Super fun place for exploring!

Kentucky Horse Park. Fun, but a little over priced. Especially for kids Jack's age. His favorite part was the playground :)

Hanging out at Grandma's!


Random cardboard tube activities!

Fall wouldn't be complete without some sickness.

Coloring while mommy paints.

Bowling with the Thalmans!

Sarah Marcum's horseback riding birthday party!

Reading to Teddy :)

So there's our Autumn all mashed up into one post :)

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