Monday, July 1, 2013

South Carolina Beach Week 2013

Brace yourselves. I think my son is adorable and take way too many photos of him. You have been warned.

We just got back from our annual Beach Week adventure 2013. We all met at our wonderful rental home at Edisto Island, SC and enjoyed days full of sun, playing in the waves, sand castle building, beach walks, good food, reading and long porch chats. 

This was Jackson's second official beach visit, but the first time that he went he wasn't old enough to really enjoy the beach. This time he had an absolute blast. On the first day he was a little wary of the water and after a big wave hit him, he decided he didn't want anything to do with the water. On the second day, Mom and I went out earlier with him and there was still foam coming in on the waves and they were much calmer. We convinced him to come and "pop the bubbles" or stomp on the foam and all of a sudden he was a beach bum. I was so happy that he acclimated well and that he had such a blast. 

Unfortunately, Chuck couldn't join us because he is working diligently at an internship in Lexington this summer. Luckily, I took so many pictures that it is almost like he was there ;)

The beach crew were awesome with Jackson and by the end of the week, he could say everyone's names: "Eah," "Net," "Joooe," "Pat," "Yibby." And he decided that Grandma could be his honorary "Daddy" for the week. Silly boy. Thank goodness there were so many extra hands around. It made being a "single mom" for a week a breeze!

Don't worry, it's been almost three weeks and he still asks for some of his beach pals. Especially for Pat when we play with bubbles or eat blueberries :)

Shell searching with Pat

Annette letting Jack check out her "apple."

His version of sand castle building.

Beach bum.

Porch chatting!


Melts my heart.

Em, Leah and Em

Playing with Grandma :)

Snuggle time.

Faithful Pat always willing to play with Jackson.

Pat and Libby let Jack play with the hose while I showered. He was in heaven.

He ate a massive serving of Pat's spaghetti.

Happy boy :)

I got clobbered, but at least it looks like Jack made it out unscathed.

He loved playing in the ocean.

He was so happy running into the waves and back out.

Both feet off the ground! This kid is quick. Too quick.

All those beach toys and he wanted to play with the Ale 8 bottle. Sigh.

Pregnant twins!
We had such a blast! Thanks to EVERYONE for making our week fabulous! Can't wait until next year already :)

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  1. Great photos and commentary, Emily. It was so much fun to play with Jackson... looking forward to next summer already! And more babies!!


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