Thursday, June 27, 2013

Three Years.

On May 29th, 2013 Chuck and I celebrated three years of wedded bliss, nine years of being best friends and twelve years of knowing each other :) (That's almost half our lives!) To celebrate, we headed to Charleston, SC for a weekend together! Lucky for us, my mom lives in Anderson, SC, so we dropped Jackson off with her on our way. We had a wonderful time exploring the city, eating delicious food, walking on the beach, perusing the open market and doing whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! 

Do you not just LOVE the brick with the shutters and the vine?

I had a mild case of house envy.

These are the houses that can look out their windows at Ft. Sumter.

Brick roads. Sigh.

Love this cute guy.

Funny side note: I was born without 8 permanent teeth. Crazy, I know. So, I have four implants with veneers (Thank you to modern dentistry and my parents!) And while I was enjoying my delicious Fried Green Tomato BLT at Magnolia's (so scrumptious - definitely recommend it) one of my veneers fell out! I couldn't believe it! So, for the rest of our trip (and a good part of the next week!) I only half-smiled. Luckily once I got home they were able to "glue" it right back on. I decided that losing teeth as a 25 year old is not nearly as fun as it is as an 8 year old.

Sullivan's island evening walk on the beach.

Another funny side note: We were planning on having a really nice dinner on Saturday evening right after we visited Sullivan's island, but unfortunately I got a migraine so we went back to the hotel. I laid in bed while my amazing husband went scouring the town for a place that had chicken noodle soup and 9:30pm. Luckily, the take-out Chinese place saved the day. 

Things that I love about that cute husband of mine:

1. He is honest to the core.
2. His wrestling matches with Jackson.
3. His determination to do the best at whatever he does.
4. His spontaneity.
5. His determination to help me with anything and everything.
6. His unwavering love of people.
7. His steadfastness in the gospel.
8. He has an amazing ability to articulate complex issues with ease.
9. He is just so darn happy all the time :)
10. The joy he finds in his family.

The list could go on and on. In fact, I made a little box of 100 things that I love about him our first Christmas together. Looking back at those notes, I feel like I could add another 500 things that I appreciate about him since that time. It's amazing how love can just keep growing and growing. I'm so grateful for my sweet husband!

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