Friday, April 19, 2013

Playtime with little man.

We love to play. Sometimes we get bored with toys and books all day and we have to think up some fun new things. Thanks to pinterest and some creative thinking, we can usually come up with something fun to do :)

For example, shaving cream fun :)

He wasn't totally sure about this one, but he ended up loving it. Although he was constantly nervous about slipping in the maybe we will do this outside on the concrete next time.

Or, sidewalk chalk paint.

He LOVED this. Of course, he loves to draw and paint as much as possible, so I was banking on this being a hit. I found this recipe and it was incredibly in took about 30 seconds total. This will be at least a weekly happening during the summer :)

Or, water play.

We don't have a kiddo pool (yet), but the weather has been absolutely gorgeous! So, we got all suited up (except he was really excited about his nemo swim diaper, so we skipped the trunks!) and pulled out the tubberware and hose. He was in heaven. Except when the wind started blowing and the sun went away...then it was kind of chilly. I'm excited for the pool and ocean this summer :)

I love Spring!

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  1. Sounds like fun! He loves finding memo too!!? Best kid ever


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