Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September already?

How come it is already September and feeling like fall outside?  How did I miss the end of summer?? Oh right, school.

Anywho!  Just thought we'd post a little update because, let's face it, we haven't been so hot at blogging lately.

Cool things that have happened this month:

  1. 1. Chuck and I applied for a grant for the service project that we do with BYU on MLK Day and GOT it!
  2. I applied to the University of Utah PA program.
  3. We went diving together at free swim to practice for Chuck's diving class :)
  4. We got free dinner and frostys at Wendy's thanks to Dad for our Wendy's giftcard. YUM.
  5. We had an awesome Regional Stake Conference and got to hear from some apostles of the Lord.
  6. We tried out our awesome dipping chocolates that Mom and Dad Krebs got us for my birthday gift :)
  7. We used our Kitchen Aid for the first time (Thanks, mom!!) and made awesome rolls that Sister Morin taught me how to make :)
  8. I rocked my Functional Anatomy lab exam. SHEW.
  9. I bought all of our produce for the past two weeks for a grand total of $3.72. Thank you Buy-Low for living up to your name.
  10. I'm married to my bestest friend.  Can life get any better??

Life has been super fun--School and work are only getting in our way marginally.  Homework Shmomework ; )


  1. So very glad you are happy and doing well in school. Go easy on Chuck with the diving!!

  2. Does Chuck understand that belly flops and cannon balls aren't really dives? Wish we were back in Provo still to party with you guys. Go Cougars!!!

  3. A post! I've missed blog stalking you ms. em. Jealous you have a kitchen aid.


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